Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, our chambers are trusted by pharmaceutical, automotive, and cosmetic industries to test the resilience of product samples under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

SP Hotpack’s stability chambers lead the way in stability studies. Based on over 100 years of expertise, they represent the ultimate in quality craftsmanship and advanced engineering to ensure long life and reliable performance for optimal storage. We serve a diverse range of applications, and our chambers are used globally to support stability testing for numerous industries, with applications including:

  • Testing packaged food in sealed bags for moisture permeability
  • Pharmaceutical drug ICH/FDA stability studies
  • Product testing for concrete and drywall manufacturers

Built using premium stainless steel to withstand the corrosive environment of high humidity testing, you can rest assured that our stability chambers are suitable for continuous use without fear of failure or downtime. At SP we understand that versatility is key. That’s why our stability chambers are available in a variety of customizable models, providing precision temperature control from 2°C to 70°C and relative humidity of 20% to 96% with exceptional uniformity throughout – eliminating variability. All SP Hotpack stability chambers comply with the temperatures and relative humidity conditions to meet with various testing standards.

Application Examples

  • ICH/FDA Stability Testing
  • Industrial & Laboratory Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Material Testing
  • MIL-SPEC Applications
  • Shelf-Life Testing
  • Long-Term Storage